150 LPD Radian Hitech Solar

21,000.00 17,000.00

Superior Efficiency: 94% sun tracking from sunrise to sunset and no heat loss in cold weather with vacuum insulation
Reliable: No scaling or corrosion due to borosilicate glass
Easy Maintenance: Easy on-site cleaning of glass and tank system
Glass materials (ETC tubes) do not carry any warranty coverage
5 year replacement warranty on tanks and stands
Extended warranty available on request

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150 LPD Radian Hitech Solar water heater of non-pressurized ETC systems can be used in residential and commercial installations and work well to fulfill domestic water heating, hospitals, hotels and textile, chemical plants, brewing and dairy industry requirements. The Radian line of systems is designed to work under gravity water flow and comes with an insulated water storage tank and tank/ glass tube support structures.


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